Happy New Year!

Today, I’ve completed 6 years staying on Facebook and SA:MP. Such a great pleasure I’m feeling now, can’t tell :P.

So after my exams will be over. I’ll be coming to Advance Gaming once again as someone whom you know very well..

Wish you all a very good and awesome new year!

Merry Christmas!

I’ve been with SA:MP since 2012 and celebrated new year and Christmas every year. So, Merry Christmas!

Currently, I’ve to deal with my personal life issues so I’m bit inactive and can not work out with you guys, but I’ll see you soon! Probably on Advance Gaming server.


I am also working at ‘Dude, I’m stoned!’ / ‘Dude’s group’ on Facebook. So Merry Christmas Dudes!

10 years of SA:MP!

It’s so cool to be in SA:MP for 5.5 years. Time really passes so fast, I’ve worked in many servers and liked those. My favourite servers also were there but then closed because of financial and aging issues…
I like to thank Kalcor for being developer of this community and never let this community die!

You can find some documentation on this topic over here

Happy Birthday Advance Gaming!

It is been so while that I’ve been working for Advance Gaming Community, as a member, player, ex-staff and other and I am proud to say that Advance Gaming Community is the community where you can find excitement, fun, events, friendly staff and other…
Today is Advance Gaming Community birthday. The day when Advance Gaming Community stepped in SA:MP community and showed that it is the #1 TDM community in the SA:MP. Wish you a happy birthday Advance Gaming.

You can also redirect to this for more information.