Capture Zone Creator


A simple tool for newbies that face problems in creating capture zones for TDM server.


  • Easy and Efficient.
  • Custom Rewards.
  • Custom time to capture zone.
  • Custom Zone Co-ordinates.
  • Custom Checkpoint Co-ordinates.
  • Easy Indention.


  • Checkpoint Co-ordinates -> CreateDynamicCP
  • GangZone Co-ordinates -> GangZoneCreate
  • Capture Zone Name -> Defined
  • Score Reward -> SetPlayerScore(playerid, GetPlayerScore, playerid)+Numeric Value);
  • Money Reward -> GivePlayerMoney(playerid, Numeric Value);
  • Maximum Capture Time -> CountVar[MAX_PLAYERS]


Jarnu, the original owner of this project is now Ex-Developer and Designer because as KayJ(me) took the responsibility to develop this tool.

If you are getting message like it is virus then don’t need to worry because your antivirus can not detect the publisher so it detect it as Virus. I’ll fix this in next version.


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